Episode 5

Published on:

13th May 2021

Episode 5 - The New Palestinian Terror War on Israel has Begun

Monday night, the Palestinian and Israeli Arab attacks against Israel Jews that had been escalating in recent days reached the level of all-out war. Arab Israeli attacked Israeli Jews throughout the country. Hamas shot 200 rockets and missiles at southern Israel in 12 hours and then another 137 rockets in a five minute period on Tuesday. Caroline and her co-host discussed the causes of the rising violence and identified two - incitement by Fatah and Hamas and the Biden administration's embrace of the Palestinians' anti-Semitic narrative that blames the Jews for the violence that is perpetrated against them. They discuss the historic and regional contexts of the events now unfolding and what needs to happen for peace to be restored. Caroline even quoted from her book The Israeli Solution. Tune in, subscribe to our channel and share our broadcast with your friends to help us get out the truth that the media is distoring.

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