Episode 50

Published on:

10th May 2022

Sacrifice for the Jewish nation is Rational w/ Prof. Aumann | The Caroline Glick Show

In this PREMIERE EPISODE of the Caroline Glick Middle East News Show on JNS TV, she hosts renowned mathemetician Prof. Israel Aumann for a riveting discussion.

In the context of Israel’s Yom HaZikaron and Yom Haatzmaut, they explore the rationality of Zionism and of sending children to serve in the Israel Defense Forces. From the sublime and existential they move to the strategic and political.

Is Israel occupying Judea and Samaria, and if not, what must be done?

Are Israel’s children going to be taught their heritage and if not, what will become of the country?

And who is responsible for the cleavages on the political right? Former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu or those who hate him?

Tune in and take the journey.

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