Episode 9

Published on:

8th Jun 2021

Episode 9 - The truth about Israel’s “Unity Government”

In Episode 9 of the Caroline Glick Mideast News Hour, Caroline and co-host Gadi Taub go into the nuts and bolts of the new Israeli government that is set to be sworn in next Sunday, June 14. They explain why it is post-modern, post-Zionist, post-democratic and post-Jewish and what this means for Israel’s national security, national identity and national sanity.

With their happy warrior attitude, Caroline and Gadi guide the audience through the ins and outs of Israeli coalition politics, Naftali Bennett’s double dealings and the dangerous deal he has made with the Islamic Ra’am party.

Join them for the latest hour-long shower of facts and reality. It’s a welcome respite from the normal lies that dominate the discourse on all things Israel-related.

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To Watch: https://youtu.be/sSnVxC-i2yw

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